The Newbridge House Farm

Remember the importance of hand washing for all after visiting and please supervise children when they wash their hands. If you are pregnant or could be pregnant please do not touch the animals. We so want all our visitors to have a positive, fun and educational visit whilst still maintaining the highest standards of health and safety. We are very proud of Newbridge Farm as a working farm promoting compassionate farming methods and respect for all animals and sustainable biodiversity. Thank you for your support and we look forward to welcoming you to Newbridge Demesne.


The Courtyard

The fine, square cobbled courtyard adjoining the house was designed by Robert Mack, and built about 1790 after the completion of the main house. The very pleasant  set of buildings surrounding the courtyard include: Blacksmiths Forge, Horse Stables, Threshing Barn, Weigh House, Hay Barn, Fowl Houses, Pig Sty, Chicken House, Slaughter House, Swill House, Bull Pen, Bleaching Yard, The Vinery.

The Paddock

Shetland and Connemara ponies are often found grazing here, along with donkeys. There is also a pond home to ducks and geese, though the goats occasionally stop by.

The Pastures

Continuing along from the paddock, a small herd of prize winning Kerry Cows can be seen, along with a flock of Jacob Sheep and Irish Draught Horses, which was the backbone of the transport and agriculture industry.

Newbridge House and Farm School Package

Provided by, and priced from €9.99 Per Child (Including Transfer).
Included in the tour:

  • A Puppet for Every Chlid
  • Full Entry to Newbridge House & Farm
  • Bus Transfer to and from Location
  • Specially Trained Drivers
  • Guarantee of Service ‘One minute late and Don’t pay a cent’

For more information on this package please contact Express Bus